Jubayer Hasan Shoikat

Jubayer Hasan Shoikat

Executive, Operations

Jubayer Hasan Shoikat is currently working as an Executive in the Operations unit of Tetra.

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About Me

Jubayer Hasan Shoikat, a dynamic professional with a diverse career, has excelled as a Business Development Officer and Project Coordinator at prestigious companies such as Alif Group & Industries and JAAGO Foundation. As a young professional he is working in the social development sector.

In addition to this, he worked as a Project Manager of “Startup Khulna” in collaboration with Startup Bangladesh Limited, ICT Division in creating the startup ecosystem of Khulna.
With an emphasis on the Khulna Division, Water Aid and JAAGO Foundation collaborated on the “Youth Expedition In Search of Clean Water” YES project in 2020, for which Shoikat assumed the role of Project Coordinator. As part of this project, arsenic and salt levels were measured in Khulna city to determine the quality of the water. Shoikat’s commitment to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) initiatives with BDRCS in Dacope and Koyra improved his fieldwork and leadership skills.
Known for being a quick learner, adaptive, and an energetic individual, Shoikat’s multifaceted experiences underscore his commitment to meaningful contributions in various capacities.

Starting as an intern at TETRA, Shoikat evolved into a dedicated Field Executive, driven by the mission to ensure universal access to clean drinking water by 2035, especially in coastal areas.

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